Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Canadian bloggers

So when I joined up with the Canadian blogroll list, of course I had to check them all out. Of course some I read more than others, some I post on and some I only lurk. Here they are!

Troll Baby - come live in Troll baby's world. See what her and her family get up to.

It's all about me - meet Teena and her family in Toronto.

Tricia's musings - Tricia, a wife, a nurse and a woman having a really great time!

As the Garden Grows - this site is also by Tricia. As the title says, its a gardening blog. Lots of nice pics of flowers etc.

Odd Planet - "You'll find humorous news stories here about dumb criminals, and odd people." Yup, that sounds about right.

The Gnostic World of Candy Minx - you will find everything on this site! Books and music, politics, events and the musing of Candy Minx.

My life in Pictures - a great photography blog. Cool pics by an amateur photographer.

Caylynn's Contemplations - she's a military wife and a runner! She just got an extremely rare breed of cat (a sphinx) and belongs to alot of blog communities and events.

Mackeydoodles Blog - a family friendly blog with pics of her family, little poems and videos and other stuff.

Breath of life Photography - another photo blog - mostly flowers and nature shots.

Waterfalls Paranormal Life - a blog about ...well... the paranormal. A little bit of regular life thrown in for good measure.

Winged Emotion - "35, wife, mother, friend sarcastic yet sweet" In her own words. Check out her day to day.

A round peg in a square hole - life in Winnipeg. This girl is a great writer. A more serious blog. - a seriously good blog. Great art and great writing from a girl struggling to know herself.

Deuce's Stay Wild - one of my favourites. Kind of a music blog, but also short stories and other stuff.

- a Canadian girl living in Holland and her struggles and joys of living there.

Seanthebond News - this site hasn't been updated for awhile for its a technology blog. All geeks welcome :)

Motivated Motion - a modern renaissance woman living in the countryside. A blog about everything!

One Old Green Bus - This blog is about the attempts to acquire a dusty, old, double-decker bus. Really.

Sue Darroch and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog - A Place to discuss, rant, and rave... about the paranormal. Its the bus guy!

Nuttin' but Pimp - Products, services, how-to's, raves, rants, paying the rent, and helping you to pay yours too.

Well that finishes up all my links on my page. Of course I have other sites that I frequent on a regular basis. I will probably get around to linking them on my page I have time. Until then, enjoy the ones that are already there :)


Jessica Doyle said...

Hi osaka daze!

Thank you for the review. :) I have a very close friend here in Vancouver who is from Osaka, Japan.

It's a small world when we are all online eh?

When it is all said and done I think we all are on the path to self-enlightenment through blogging. We can learn a lot from eachother.

Nice to meet you.

karaoke queen said...

The more time overseas I feel the same way. It is such a small world! And living over here has certainly changed me as a person. I've learned alot about myself over the last 2 years. Its wonderful being able to watch other people do the same.

Thanks for the visit :)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Karaoke, awesome bunch!
I'll do come commenting at their places with more time later.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Pound for pound, Canadian bloggers seem to be the coolest!

Charles said...

One of you favorites! :) Ah, thanks. I am a fan of your blog as well. In fact (don't tell anyone) you're the only I Am Canadian blog I read every day.

Jessica Doyle said...

Anytime Karaoke Queen! :)

Anthony said...

Hi Osaka Daze, thanks for the holla and coming to visit my blog. I am so glad to meet the folks at the Canadian blogroll and the world does seem smaller when blogging and our perspectives seem to cross, combine, swing and mesh. Very fun!

candyminx said...

oops I posted under my boyfriends blog by accident, he forgot to log out "anthony" and I forgot to log in...