Monday, December 04, 2006

Cyberspace friends....

So I have introduced everyone to my friends that we have met in person, now I want to introduce you to those we know only through cyberspace. There are the people whose blogs I love and comment on all the time and they give the love back on ours.

Quasar - this guy is brilliant. I love his site. Its all about astronomy/astrophysics and philosophy and poetry and great pics. I almost met him when we were in England, but we just didn't have time. One day!

Aliens Mosdef Better - meet Ana-chan. She lives in Singapore. She talks about her friends and daily life there. She is a fantastic girl that I would love to meet someday. She is originally from Germany I think, but speaks Japanese and other languages as well. I think she's fluent in 4 languages.

iBlog - an otaku after my own heart. Loves his cat and has lots of info on all the new gizmos and gadgets coming out.

Sanity Interrupted - crazy Lainey! Me loves her sense of humour. She is on a blogging break right now, and we miss her hilarious Fan letter Fridays, but I'm hoping she'll pop back sometime to say hi.

Pointless Drivel - meet Mr and Mrs Fab. A little zany, a little crazy, a lot of fun. He will make you laugh and sometimes say, 'Huh? I don't get it.' He loves lemurs.

Peas on Toast - errrr, I mostly lurk here, but I have commented a few times. Peas is a fantastic girl living it up in South Africa. Her stories make me laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. I don't know as I could handle as much drama in my life as she does. Go Peas!

Dutch Bitch - well, she's Dutch. And always has interesting stuff going on in her life. I mostly just lurk here too. She makes me laugh. Mostly I just don't have anything cool to say. I just enjoy reading her posts.

An Oxymoron is not an idiot with zits - the certifiable princess will always make your day. She writes very poignant posts about the more serious things in life, and then makes you laugh like crazy the next day. Worth a visit!

Captain Picards Journal - hehe. Anyone who loves startrek will love this site. The author, Jean Luke Picard of course, writes great stories about the crew of the enterprise. I kinda just lurk here too. Love the stories, not much else to say really.

Next on the list, the Canadian blogrollers....


Mr. Fabulous said...

Just a little crazy?


Charles said...

Hi there. Nice of you to post about your cyber friends. Hope all is well in the far east. It's currently cold in Canada.

karaoke queen said...

He he. Like I said, you guys are next.

How cold? Has the really cold snap let up? I know its colder in the east than the west. Its still going to be alot colder than Osaka when I visit the fam in January though....

Peas on Toast said...

Bless your little cotton socks!
Thanks for adding me to you list - rather fucking flattered! :)

karaoke queen said...

Yes, well your site was one of the first blogs that I read along with Mr Fab and a couple others. I still read you almost everyday. :) Unfortunately, my party life has been a bit lacking recently - lack of moolah - but in the near future (new year) after everything settles down, I expect to be making up for it :D

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Karaoke,
Thanks for the mention!

I may well take you up on the offer, guided tour of Osaka.
Spent several summers in Singapore.
Almost been to Japan ((twice))

karaoke queen said...

Osaka is very close to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe as well. Less than an hour away by public transport :) People often skip cities because they think they are far away, but Japan is truly tiny. Even Hiroshima is not that far by bullet train.