Thursday, December 07, 2006

A belated birthday post!

Happy Bday Matt! I know it was last month. I even went. I took lots of pictures. We all got drunk. Here are some pictures!

There he is. The birthday boy. My thats a large beer.

Antoinette and Dali.

Errrrr......Rich and Hiroko sure are scary or something.....

Hehe. Thats my boss.

Me and Claire looking sexy!

Steve and his holy grail of nama.

I'm totally not drunk.
Yeah, me either.
*snort giggle* uuuh yeah!

A couple more girls having some fun at the party. Hi Claire and Melinda!

Looking good Kiki!

Havard and Russ. Russ obviously just got off work in his snazzy white dress shirt.

Someone must have said something funny cause these 3 are laughing at something.

Yes hello Rob! I see you too!

Aaaand one last photo of the Birthday boy. He sure is enjoying that beer.


Ryan said...

Good times! I miss Asahi! =*(

osaka jock said...

Those pictures of Matt are priceless! Who knew that an australian could get so drunk on such a small amount of beer...

I may have to get some posters made.

karaoke queen said...

Hehe. You should see the ones that I DIDN'T post :D

Ana-chan said...

yeah i want to get drunk too!!
Looks like hell of a fun place and ppl!!!

karaoke queen said...

Its this great little cheap-ass bar right below my apartment. And of course my peeps are fun! ;)