Saturday, December 22, 2007

On to Malaysia!

So we took a train from Bangkok to a small place called Alor Setar which is just across the border of Malaysia. The train was awesome and there was much tomfoolery. It was like a transformers train - this can only be described in pictures which will be posted later. So we arrived in the middle of nowhere after our overnight ride and were pleasantly surprised at so many things. People were super friendly, they spoke awesome English, and the mosque was gorgeous!! Before we hit the mosque we stopped at this little noodle shop and ate lunch. It cost us a whole $4 for all of us to eat and have a nice drink of coffee or cola. I mean $4 all together. And it was delicious. After lunch we felt rejuvenated and started walking around looking for the mosque. Some friendly locals sent us in the right direction and WOW! After going in, an Indian Malay guy chatted with us for awhile. Our mission accomplished, we were off to our next destination!

2 buses later (and gypped of about 8 ringgits each) we made it to KL! We decided to live it up a little and find a nice hotel for the night (since most of the cheaper ones were all booked anyways). We tossed our stuff in our room, had a shower and headed out to the city. We found some good food and some live music and passed some time there. Then after spending waaaay too much time in an internet cafe, we hit the hay. Steph and Matt hit the bar.

The next day, we wanted to go see some cool caves, but our hotel booked the wrong tour for us, so we decided to hit little India instead as well as finish off some booking errands at the train/bus stations. Little India rocked!!!! Again, we ate for about a dollar each and were stuffed when we left. Our two groups split up and we met up again a few hours later at the famous KL Tower. Its the tallest radio tower in SE Asia - 4th in the world. The view from the top was amazing! You could see the whole city including the twin petronas towers which are the tallest twin towers in the world. We split up again, Matt and Steph to do some more bookings and Rich and I hit a small restaurant for a couple of hours. After checking some mail online, we hit the hay excited about the next morning.......


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Karaoke,
here's wishing you and your close ones much merry making and all the best for the festive season

osaka jock said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (I know it will be for you both.) I'm keen to see all the pictures you guys have been taking over there.

See you when you get back, before you us leave again!