Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Banging Kok!!!

So we arrived in Bangkok and have been rushing around doing all kinds of stuff. Its true that its a city that doesn't sleep! We went out clubbing on a Monday night and it was packed everywhere.

So far we've seen - the Royal Palace and surrounding temples, Chinatown, the downtown backpackers tourist district (which was crazy), taken some ferries, argued with cab drivers about fares, bargained for stuff, and seen the huge golden reclining Buddha. Not to mention, the ladyboys and strippers clubs. Some of those post-op boys you would be very very hard-pressed to know if they were a boy or a girl!

The motorcycle taxis were alot of fun - you can zip through rush hour traffic on the back of one of these. Touts are constantly trying to get you to go to their shop/temple/whatever via their tuk tuk driver that gets a commission for bringing you there. You get very good at either saying no politely, but firmly enough they know you mean it or ignoring them completely.

The only bad thing so far is the pollution - I have developed this cough which I am sure is due to the smog in the city. All in all lots of fun! I can't wait to explore more - we head further south tomorrow to Malaysia. Our first stop is a small muslim town (Alor Setar) just across the border. It was the old capital of Malaysia. We want to experience a little conservativeness after all the lady boys :D

To be continued.....

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