Monday, August 13, 2007

Catching Up Part II

Next our friend Ryan, a fellow Canadian came to visit. We met him in Canada before coming to Japan. It was in the transition period after we moved down to Kelowna from Vancouver. KQ worked with him at a clothing shop. Anyway, he was visiting from Canada to make a second trip to Japan to see his girl Midori and they were passing through the Kansai region.

We let them stay at our place and took them to different places around the area. One day we took Ryan and Midori to Kiyomizudera temple and the Gion Matsuri. It was crazy crowded. We also met our friend Chieko, who KQ taught in Canada while getting her Teaching Engrish Certificate.

The next day I took Ryan and Midori to Nara. There we met up with Midori's friend Chiaki. I discovered Midori's love for interacting with nature. She had no problems playing with the deer or the cicadas.

After Nara we met up with KQ in Umeda. We were to go up to the top of the Umeda Sky Building. However, Midori spent time with her sister, who had been up the tower too many times to take her sister who had never been and probably will never in a long while.

Cedric's Parents parents came by after Ryan and Midori left for Fukuoka. Ced and Michiko took us and our friend Ikuyo to a great Oudon restaurant. It was yummy.

More to come...


Mr. Fabulous said...

Man, there is always something going on over there!

karaoke queen said...

As they say, "No rest for the wicked!"