Sunday, August 12, 2007

Catching up. Part I


It's been awhile. I've been so busy posting pics of our nefarious nights out at my own blog that I have neglected my duties here. I think the last major event that was mentioned here, excluding the new job and Scotland, was Lana's visit.

Well, after the trio left we were snowed under by a deluge of birthdays and sayounara parties. First there was Kirsten's down town sayounara. We hit a few different places as the night progressed. It was sad a little but we drowned the sorrows pretty well.

After that there was some beach fun. I was working so I missed out. It sounded like fun except for the beach police, who interfered with any fun activities that happened. No frisbees!

Like many others Kirsten needed a second sayo because who can leave Japan without one last night of drunken Karaoke?

Kirsten's departure didn't stop the fun machine as we had to hit the town for Adelle's birthday. We did it in style and hit two hotspots and danced the night away.

A few days later Jamie and Adelle expressed their creativity at an Art drawing thing. A guy we know opened an Art Gallery called SoHo and he holds various events for local artists.

The sayounaras just wouldn't stop. Ashleigh was a co-worker of mine and she was returning to New York. We went out for a small and intimate farewell dinner at a new to us Mexican restaurant.

More to come from Otaku...

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