Saturday, April 14, 2007

Random Keitai Pictures

Sleeping Salaryman

Poor guy looked knackered. I guess that's why his friends left him behind and waved to him from the inside of last train of the night.

Remember, Tommy Lee Jones love you and wants you to try him as often as possible - OK? He cares about you...

I know he's supposed to be jumping for joy, but he still looks like he just ripped one almighty fart.

Club Soire is the place to be. It's only a 5 minute walk from the Pig n' Whistle pub in Osaka. Tell Kouji that Scottish Steve sent you ;)

I will hug the first person I see to wear this T-shirt.


Ookami Machiavelli said...

Heather has got one !!!! I have photographic evidence of her wearing it!!!

karaoke queen said...


I have a great picture to counter with Steve - I'll post it today! I will call it.....Leave your drunken friend in the street.

karaoke queen said...

Tommy likes his coffee.

Marina said...

I ALWAYS thought that poster with the animal looked like it was farting!