Thursday, March 01, 2007

A sappy picture

OK, this picture and story is a bit sappy, but shoot me, I'm an animal lover and this story was too cute. It (and the picture) was sent to me by Brandy.

OK, so this person finds a fawn. Probably the mom has been hit by a car or something. So they take it home. The plan was to bottle raise it until they could transport it to some friends of theirs who have successfully freed 2 previous fawns into the wild. Heres the cute part. They already have a dog. A BIG dog. Who apparently loves the little fella!

Isn't that soooooo cute!!! OK, I'm done now. Back to your regular scheduled programming. No more fluffy animal stories for at least a month. :D


Charles said...

Aw. Love the little fawn. You can keep the animal stories coming. We don't mind.

Kain Highwind said...

Yep, I bet that dog's thinking "One day, you'll be big enough for steaks..."

Seriously, cute picture. ;)

Oh yeah, signed under a different name because the stupid Blog-in won't work all the time. ;)

karaoke queen said...

Thanks guys. I love the little furry aminals. Its what makes me fun. Really :D