Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So its that time of year again! Sumo season! We didn't go last year and I really regretted it, but we were just too busy. This year we're going to go with a bunch of other peeps. Reserve some box seats, bring some food and drink, and absorb some Japanese culture. I'm really excited about it! The tickets are a little expensive, but I think they're worth it. We'll probably never go again and its something we can talk about for years. SUMO!


Charles said...

You know I have always wondered if these guys have groupies. And if yes then I'd imagine that there are a lot of girls with crushed ribs. I just cannot imagine one of these guys not killing some poor little Japanese girl groupie. Maybe I've watched too many Ausitn Power's movies.

Ryan said...

wow, I want pictures when you go!

karaoke queen said...

sumo wrestler "Keiki! Baby come here!"
keiko "eeeeeeeeee"
sumo wrestler "Damn, there goes another one"

Oh there will be pictures. And more pictures. And there will be posting of said pictures on this forum right here!!!

Charles said...

Karaoke Queen --I got Mail!! Will blog on it tonight but can you tell me the name of the little stuffed animal you sent me?


Elaine said...

OMG. LUCKY!!! I would love to go to a live Sumo event! You know what my hubby and I watched on our honeymoon while we ordered room service?????


I can't wait for the pictures!

karaoke queen said...

*girly squeal* EEEEEEE!
Its called a totoro. Its the same guy as in the puzzle and on the cake below. He is a forest spirit in the the most famous Miyazaki anime called Tonari no Totoro. It roughly translates as my neighbor totoro. Isn't he cute? :D Thanks for participating in my contest. I don't have so many readers :)

I know its gonna be SOOOO COOOL! The tickets are sooooo expensive. $130 per person. And the seats are tiny - made for tiny little non-sumo Japanese bums. And midgets :) I will try to post pics as soon as possible. Damn community internet. When will Yahoo BB come? *sigh*