Wednesday, February 14, 2007


If you are unaware, I am a complete totoro nutjob. For those of you who don't know what totoro is - shame shame. Its only one of the most famous animes ever made by the most famous Miyazaki Hayao who directs for Studi Ghibli. Most people in North America probably know him for Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. But, he made lots of films before that. Now his son is moving into the field as well with Tales of Earth Sea which is based on a book by Ursula K. Le Guin. Click here if you want to see the main site for that film. The trailer is the 8th one!

Totoro is a little classic about a family that moves to the countryside because their mom is sick in the hospital. The children explore their cool old house and the woods nearby to discover that forest spirits called totoro live there. Its a heartwarming story. I love it. The totoros are so cool. I also love the catbus. Yes, the catbus. Just watch it! Subtitled is of course best for translation although I have to admit the dubbing on this one is pretty good.

So I bought a puzzle! And here it is! I think I'm gonna frame it :D


Lakeic said...

TOTORO!!! That's such a great movie. The Catbus freaked me out at first but I love it now :)

I think you should frame the puzzle too!

Ryan said...

Yea...there is just something that creeped me out about kids sitting inside of a hollow cat. (<_<)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Have u ever met a TOTORO...I have :)

Elaine said...

Okay, you've confused me enough to want to watch it...(catbus??)..
Plus that big gray cat thingy with pointy hands looks cute.(or wait, is that catbus??) Never mind! I"m just gonna go watch it!

I'm so confused....hehe