Monday, February 12, 2007

A guessing game

One of my favourite things to do here in Japan is play the game - 'what is it??' Many things here are just so silly or ridiculous that its a very entertaining past time. Here are a few things I found after visiting the candy shop.

Chocolate - in a toothpaste like tube.

Actually - err - I'm not sure what these are. But they must be cool because there's some awesome guy on the front giving it the Japanese peace sign! Oh yeah!

We all remember there don't we? Banned now in North America (and most other 1st world countries) to prevent our children from getting the idea that smoking is cool, here in Japan its A-OK. Mmmmm. Orange and Cocoa candy cigarettes. I have no idea whats in the pipe.

This was was just too awesome not to post. A squid with a gun. You better watch out sucka! HAHAHAHA I kill me! Apparently dried squid is quite popular here.

There are pancakes. But super mini size! And with An bean paste inside them. Mmmmmmm.

I don't really know what to say about this one. I laughed alot when I read the name of the 'company' on the side.

This is the front of a gummy candy package. What does it look like guys? Hehe

Yep - there it is! Its even brown! Tastes like rootbeer though.

And thats all for today folks. Enjoy!!


Charles said...

That last pic is nasty. Maybe it's meant to look like a soft serve ice cream cone rather than poo?

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Karaoke, I wonder if the Japanese know how curious their tastes are ...

Mind you who would have thought of chocolate Easter Eggs becoming cabdury's cream eggs - and kids candy is pretty crazy here in England too.

See you gotta get the kids hooked, its easy to get the kids hooked
"Mummy mummy I want ...
Mummy mummy I want ... "

Of course then we become big kids and we want more.

Heard about M&Ms megastores -
yep three storey buildings dedicated to candy and lots of crazy things cushions pillows with M&M

I wonder how spinach never took off I guess when we were kids we went for the licorice pipe - and then rolled spinach in Marlboro cigarrettes

But hey you do live in gadget land
You do live in the land of miniature tvs that fit on your thumbnail, and the only reason mobile phones are not smaller still - is because it becomes impossible to dial numbers, and I guess in Japan numbers are long lol!

osaka jock said...

Chocolate in a toothpaste tube?!

That is so wrong.

karaoke queen said...

No its definitely poo. Thats what unchi means - which is written on it.

It is true that some north american candy is pretty weird too. However I give Japan the number 1 weirdness stamp.

Hehe. Mmmmmmm.

Ryan said...

Yay! Another update! I thought you had fallen off the blogging horse for a while there ;)

Yea, even worse than having a poo shaped candy is that they added the "kun" suffix which basically translates as "little poo boy." I dont know about you but I certainly wouldnt want to eat anything named "little poo boy," even if it did taste like rootbeer.

OsakaOtaku said...

The squid is definitely from the Matrix. It's Neo! He really is the one!

DigitalDragonDesignery said...

That squid looks a little like a terrorist, actually. Look out, he's packin' heat! 0_0