Friday, December 29, 2006

The year in review (part 1)

Well folks, I've been in Japan for nearly 1 year now and the prospect of many more are on the horizon. It occured to me that I've taken over seven thousand pictures and hardly anyone has seen them. So, here is part one of my year in review. Please enjoy and let me know what you think (all comments and emails are welcome).

Warning: there's a ton of pictures in this post, people on dial-up (do they still exist?) will be waiting a long time for them to load.

God decides to give me one last white Christmas back home.

My last day in Scotland

Dali and Louise

My neighbour at my old apartment

Our first ever night in Dunk (where we meet Karaoke Queen and Osaka Otaku). And where I learnt I had the superpower to sing Coldplay rather badly!

After the initial shock-and-awe of arriving, I decided to go exploring the first few months. 私は京都と姫路に行きました。I also started to learn some japanese. でも日本語はとても難しいです。

Here are some pics of Kyoto (京都).

Nijo-jo castle .

Those 3 specks in the middle are Ben, Danard and my good self. Credit should go to Dali for taking this picture.

And now for a selection of Nara (奈良) pictures.
*Sidenote for visitors to Nara: DON'T feed those little bast*** deer in the park as there are the mafia of the animal kingdom.*

I did all the things that a typical tourist would do, but soon found I was attracted more to Kyoto. There's just something I love about this place, other than the obvious sightseeing attractions. I had some of those rare "Japanese" moments where the unexpected makes you love this country even more; my walk along the Kamo river where I stumbled on a jazz band just relaxing with a free miniconcert; the Maiko who was gracious enough to allow her picture to be taken with me one night; Cherry blossom and Autumn in Arashiyama...

If I ever get fed up with Osaka, Kyoto is the place I'd relocate to.

Part 2: spring and summer (otherwise know as "Oh god, the heat!") to follow as soon as I've grabbed some snacks at Lawsons.


Jessica Doyle said...

Great Photo's! 7000 - wow I am impressed. Go girl!. I don't even normally say "go girl" - it seemed appropriate though.

""moments where the unexpected makes you love this country even more;""

That is beautiful when it happens. Glad you are experiencing special moments to cherish. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's hoping for a Hasppy New Year!


RennyBA said...

What a lovely review - thanks for taking your time sharing and with all this lovely pics!

Btw: You'll find kromkaker on my last post:-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I always love your photos of Japan!

Ryan said...

Cool nice pics!

karaoke queen said...

Yes, osaka jock has spent his time wisely here. He has got alot of nice pics to account for it :)

osaka jock said...

And with the PC Osakaotaku gave me, I may even set up a server and let you all browse through them to your heart's content.