Friday, December 22, 2006

Stop and look around

You can find that even in a dirty city like Osaka, there are many beautiful sights. I didn't notice until I decided to document my way home from the subway station.

Even the mundane, when cast in the right light, can seem exotic and intriguing.
For a city of 2.6 million (2005) it sure seems deserted.

Often things seen day in day out lose their charm. It takes stopping and looking at it from another angle to realize what you missed all those days that you walked by without a glance.

In the day, you don't really notice the interesting facade.
The absence of light sure makes it stand out.

In Japan sensory overload is so common. Advertisements are everywhere and noise pollution is rampant, but every once in a while simplicity makes you stop and take notice.

Is anyone thirsty about now?


Ryan said...

Nice pics! I saw the kanji for alchohol (酒, しゅ)! You sure you werent just thinking of the booze?

Ookami Machiavelli said...

I miss the silence of a side street in Osaka, the taste of an Asahi after 8 hours of English, and the warm feeling of a steaming bowl of ramen in my face on a cold Kansai night.

Bec said...

I love that last photo. I remember the night we went to that izakaya... Had a great time!

OsakaOtaku said...

then come back!!!

Elaine said...

The pictures are pretty! A city of 2.6 million????? I can't even wrap my mind around that.

OsakaOtaku said...

Isn't it crazy. That's a LOT of people. You should see downtown when it's busy. The streets are like rivers of humanity!

Zachary said...

oh my! i really like the kind of modern-meets-the-history feel in japan. btw, osaka is not dirty:). enjoy it as much as u can:)

OsakaOtaku said...

You're right. Dirty is a relative term. Osaka is dirtier than Tokyo because of the large amount of factories located here, but much cleaner than many other industry centered cities located around the world.