Thursday, December 21, 2006

A different kinda crazy

On a lighter note (last post was a bit heavy), I tagged Osaka Otaku with the 6 weird things. I recommend reading them. Everyone will know the weirdness I must put up with everyday :)


timmie said...

Hehe, I never found the monkey toes weird, but that "sleeping with my feet touching something" is kinda strange.

I bet the roving death squads would come back in full force if Rich still had to commute in Vancouver.

OsakaOtaku said...

It's kinda weird in Japan as my roving death squads would be out of a job. There literally are no useless people in Japan. The homeless, most of the time, do little jobs little jobs like collect trash and such. Some even rummage and repair electronics! Of course we have lots of lazy bastards in Canada so I guess I'll start there.