Sunday, December 17, 2006

I have been tagged!!

I have been tagged by Charles at Deuces Stay Wild. So here are 6 odd things about myself.

1. I am a bit of a closet geek. People don't look at me and think - wow she is obsessesed with Totoro, loves Star Trek etc. Yep. That's right. Here is one of my secret addictions :) And here, and here.

2. 99% of the time when I go out 'drinking', I don't actually drink alcohol. Not that I don't like it or anything, but I'm a bit of an expensive drunk and I just don't think its worth the cost most of the time. I'd rather spend my money on other things - or buy a bottle at home first.

3. I love cats. Alot. I miss my kitties in Canada like crazy. I could tell you what kind of mood my babies were in anytime. The waited at the door for me to come home everyday and would meow until I picked them up. I sometimes find it difficult living here in Osaka with so many strays. I want to take them all home.

4. I like to pluck, rather than wax. Wax is messy. If I miss some bits shaving etc, I pull out the tweezers to get the rest. Ouchy, but much tidier!

5. I loved vegetables as a kid. Broccoli? No problem. Spinich? Yum. I still love my green leafies. I prefer them to candy. I still can't finish a whole chocolate bar, my sweet tooth is so lacking. I'd rather eat a carrot than a chocolate bar - except for that one time a month when I would kill for a caramilk.

6. I really am a shy person. My actions apparently dictate otherwise, but that was through years of training. I really have to make myself be outgoing etc and do worry about what people think about me. Whats has changed since I was younger is that although I worry, I don't let it affect what I do anymore.

Thats it!

I tag Osaka Otaku and Nantonaku!


Anonymous said...

I was cruising around blogland
walking the beack kicking sand
and I came across Karaoke Queen
like something from out of a dream

If she tells you that she is shy
you should see her when she's high
from her modeling pics one can see
she is one hot babe - oh! wow! gee!

Anonymous said...

oops - sorry
I forgot to sign above

Nick said...

Yes - Christmas is coming!
The Geese are getting fat!
Sure to put a penny in the old man's hat!
If you haven't got a penny, then a hay-penny will do, if you haven't got a hay-penny -
Then God Bless You!

Yay for the holi-daze!

I can't wait to get to Japan! And yet, it's this time of year and times like it, that I'm probably gonna miss the most!

All the best of this season, from Canada!

Lakeic said...

Your cats miss you too :)

Charles said...

Thanks for the post. One is especially funny (I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan so I guess that makes me a sort of fellow geek) and on number four -- owie!

karaoke queen said...

You always know how to make a girls day Q!

The holidays can be fun here too - especially when you have a guy like below to celebrate with - lol!

My little fluffies! Bandit is a warm bed partner. Maybe they can stay with you for a bit??

Hehe. Actually I have all 7 seasons of THAT as well, but a girls gotta have a FEW secrets :D

Mr Fabulous said...

What? What?

This was without the question the most normal "6 weird things" meme I have seen.

You are SO normal that you are weird :)

karaoke queen said...

Yes, mwa ha ha ha, fooled another one!!