Monday, December 18, 2006

Check out my friends Blog

Our best friends in Vancouver have succumbed and finally started a blog. Go read about Timmie and Tara here.

Tim is a programmer at EA and Tara works for Celestial in advertising. They have a cat (which its our fault that they have - a long story involving my sister, kittens, a car ride back to the Okanagan and a gosh darn cutie that slept on a certain someone during the trip) named Bucky. Think 'Get Fuzzy' and you will have a general idea about his personality. They just moved into a new townhouse and sent us the lovely pictures of Vancouver under ice :D Miss ya guys! See you in January!


timmie said...

Labels: "insane cat"?!

The Bucky is not amused:


Note: we got rid of that God forsaken futon finally and now have a real couch and chair.

Charles said...

I checked out your friend's blog. Anyone that has all 7 seasons of BTVS deserves nothing less :)

karaoke queen said...

Hehe. Hey, we've all met your cat dude. He's crazy - in a good way - but still crazy :D

Thanks - its good to see there are other obsessed people out there.