Saturday, December 02, 2006

Friends and their blogs

So, I have a whack of links to other peoples sites on the side bar. Some of these people we have actually met in person - either they are my friends from Canada and Japan, or people that we have met in our travels.

Claires Blog - my husband used to work at a environmental testing lab in Vancouver. He used to work with Claire. She's a funny girl :) She's going to Bolivia in about a month. She also has some nice pics posted on there.

Delly the Elephant - we met Delly here in Japan :) She works at the Big N like everyone else here. A really great girl from Northern England. All about her adventures here in Osaka.

The Wolf's Den - a friend we met here in Osaka, but now lives in Seattle. He is moving on and forward with his life there. Our very own Ookami! Check out Bretto's life in the coffee city. We miss you Bretto!

Excelsis's Flikr Site - we met her here and she is still plugging away in Osaka. Beautiful pictures taken all over Japan of her and her friends.

Sune Sune - we met Sune on our adventure in Tokyo last year. He's a french guy that me met at a hostel and still talk to quite a bit. Unfortunately, we couldn't hook up during our Europe trip! But we still chat on msn. He loves music and is in general an interesting guy. Warning, his site is in French.

Osaka jock -thats right. Our very own Osaka jock. Check out what this bad boy has been up to via pictures.

AND last but not least.......da da da daaaaaaaa

Osaka Otaku - yep, my husband has a blog. And maybe one day he will actually blog on it. :) maybe you guys should hit his site and harass him a bit.

So check out all of our friends blogs and enjoy!
Next time, the people we've never met - except in cyberspace, and then the people who don't even know I exist (....because I just enjoy lurking there.....)


Mr. Fabulous said...

I wanted to come over and thank you for the Christmas card. It is the most beautiful card we've ever gotten from anyone on any occasion.

I didn't want to say that on my blog, because I didn't want to make them jealous.


Thanks again! :)

karaoke queen said...

No worries! I thought it was pretty cool. A little Christmasy and Japanese. Glad you liked it!! We can't wait to get yours! Mail coming from your end can be slow so I don't expect to get it for a couple of weeks :D