Saturday, November 04, 2006

ROFL - First time I've seen a quiz like this

Has anyone else got one of these "My husband died, and I have a bazillion dollars I need your help transferring illegally out of my 3rd world country" spams? hahahaha

Now there's a quiz.

You are Princess Agbani. You are a student at the University of Nigeria, Lagos.  You got my name through the chember of comerse.  You have $21,350,000 to share, which your father, the king, left you. You have trouble spelling.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?


Ana-chan said...

hahahah I love it!
Yeah i think each one of us has received these spam mails at least once... hilareous!!!

Teena said...

Ha! Great quiz! Do people actually fall for these scams??!!

Sue said...

I was wondering the same thing??? Do people fall for this stuff?? Had fun doing the quiz .. :)


Anonymous said...

lol did the quiz was right up your alley mine too cause my results were same as yours caio sis

osakaotaku said...

My results from: Which Nigerian spammer are You?

You are Larry Koffi. You are director in charge auditing and collecting Union Togolaise De Banque Lome, Togo West Africa. You came across $44.5 million of a dead person in your bank. You will give me 25% to be his NEXT OF KIN. You like red jelly beans.

karaoke queen said...

LOL! I love you name Otaku. From now on I will call you Mr Coffee.