Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mwa hahaha

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QUASAR9 said...

So first halloween, and then setting fire to Guy Fawke's
well that should have cleared the air of any 'demons' - lol!

Als but no, All Saints and all hallows was about lighting a candle and communing with the spirits of dear departed ones, somehow got lost in the fog of ghost stories and Freddy Krugger

Bonfire night used to be about letting go - burning old furniture, old leaves, old trees, dead wood, old clothes, paintings, dolls, art , (even problems), ...
and making way for the new

But people have forgotten what it was all about, and like Xmas, they become just another hectic day, yo rush around shopping, cooking, dressing-up and eating ... only to find the real magic or 'sparkle' has fizzled away.

And tomorrow is just another day with the exactly same problems brought over from the previous day.

So here's wishing you a new day, in this icy cold sunny wintery day