Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We're back!

Now we have arrived home. Safe and sound. We got to see lots of things. We had some problems, but everything worked out. We also met some nice people along the way. Our flight back was great as the service was excellent on the France to Doha leg, and was great on the Doha to Osaka leg. Tomorrow work will begin again. *Sigh*

J'étudierai le français...

J'étudierai le français...

J'étudierai le français...


osaka jock said...

Welcome back.We're having many drinks in Dunk to celebrate your safe return. Any excuse for a party eh?
Send me a message when you've recovered from the jetlag.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi you two!

I see you danced
your way thru Europe
I can see you got around
Can't beat Old Europe

So you moving to France???
or you glad to be back
in Japan, home in Osaka

Mr. Fabulous said...

Yay! Safe and sound! Welcome back!

karaoke queen said...

Thank you, thankyou, and thankyou. We had a grand time and would love to do an encore.

Yes, well, since I am typing this at 5AM Osaka time, I think it will be a couple of days for the jetlag to wear off. On the plus side, Rich could work those early morning shifts easily right now!

Thanks for the poem! France may be in our future....but not for a while yet.

Yep, back to the grind. Welcome back baby!!!

Lakeic said...

Wow your trip looked great ^_^ It's awesome that you get to travel! I'm very jealous!

Ana-chan said...

welcome back.. nad I know how it feels to be going back to work after a nice holidy or just a couple of days off. I struggle each weekend :)

osakaotaku said...

yes. work is such a struggle. when will the dullness end? when? when? when?

(when we go on holiday again)


Sune said...

bien sur que tu apprendra le francais ;)
hummmmm one thing everyone loves from france is our food !!!!! oups i forgot.. french kiss too :o :p
see ya

nobuyuki said...

sorry, it's so late, but okaerinasai =)