Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Highlights of Paris

The coolest thing about Europe was the fact that there are so many old buildings around you. In Japan we also see this but, it's so much cooler when you look out your hotel window to see a massive gothic styled cathedral.

The first and foremost thing one must do in Paris is, of course, to visit the Tour Eiffel.

We did this at night to see the city lit up and sparkling.

We were lucky enough to be at the base at the right time to see the Epilepsy inducing light show.

The second attraction on our must-see list was Le Louvre.

It was huge and that's no bull.

The pieces ranged from astounding... cheeky. There was pretty much something for everybody.

The third major attraction we wanted to see was Notre Dame de Paris.

We marvelled at the architecture and what not. Again the extremely long queues drove us to not go up the towers. Besides we walked on the roof of the Doumo di Milano which was also decorated in Gothic style.

We also got to see some of the Cathedral's treasures. Hmmm. Hidden message anyone?

One day I will lead my flock to salvation in the name of the Church of Mr. E.T.

We took a cheap bus tour to see the many monuments around Paris.

It was more expensive than using public transport, but the convenience was a big plus in our books.

We got to see many of the famous sights.

We also got to see some of the not so famous sights.


Elaine said...

AAAAH viva la france! I LOVE the Notre Dame and I've been to the Eiffel Tower, although, never at night! It looks beautiful! I think maybe next time I will take a cheap bus tour as well! Walking around Paris, beautiful as it is, kind of sucks!

and that's no bull....HA! LOL! Don't know why that cracked me up but it did....

QUASAR9 said...

The Magic of Paris
TheMagic of Paris at night

karaoke queen said...

We aim to please! Yes we all need some bad puns in our life. The bus tour rocked. It was a little pricier than using public transport, but stopped right in front of the monuments.

Paris was magic! But not as magic as amsterdam. He he.

Sune said...

hehe i guess i know those places, sweet paris, such a beautiful city in pictures ;)
not as much to live in lol

i hope you had a great time in my country as i had in Tokyo ( thks you )
see you next time !!!