Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Wedding - congrats Cedric and Michiko!

So the reason that we came to Europe in the first place was to go to Cedric and Michikos wedding. Here are the beautiful people that got married and some of the other folks that came to hang out. Mostly other french people, but hey we ARE in France. He he.
This was our first view of France from the plane. Pretty spectacular.

Ooooh, a visitor in our trailer. And he's edible! Free lunch.

The bride and groom the morning of the wedding.

Cedrics mother Pascale and brother Pierre.

Cedrics dad Gerard.

Me and the brides mom Kuniko. One of the few pictures of me on this day as I was the one snapping most of the pics that day.

The bride right before the wedding - waiting in the car. Does she look nervous?

And the groom. Looking good Ced!

And finally! Here they are the happy married couple.

One last pic. French people play fun games after the wedding like, can you identify your new husband by his hairy legs?

Anyways, congratulations Cedric and Michiko!!


Ana-chan said...

ohhh goodnesss.... I think I know this Cedric.. please tell me: did he use to work in Singapore some year ago???

If so the world is definitely TINY!!! please prove me wrong!!

karaoke queen said...

I dont know....I will have to ask him! That would be too cool!!

Ana-chan said...

hahah yeah do check... it wold be too strange!!!

Bec said...

awww... they're lovely! tell michiko and ced i said hello and congratulations!

nobuyuki said...

aww, congrats to cedric and michiko...
it seems everytime i run into them, i'm super tired and a little out of it ~__~ heh

did she guess the right leg??

karaoke queen said...

Hehe. Yep. She did!