Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finally some pictures :) London!!

Alright guys, here are the pics from our first few days in Europe. Enjoy!!!

Hellooooo London. We managed to catch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Our hotel was not great, however location wise it was fantastic. We were literally a 5 minute walk from the palace.

Atten-SHUN! Tai and Richard at The Guards Museum. Its kinda weird. We met Tai in Canada. Then moved to Japan, and we live only an hour away from him, then he went to England on business - he's here for 6 months, but we didn't know until we emailed him about our trip. Then we saw him in London. We asked him, so which country is next? He said, "New Zealand". I guess we'll be seeing you soon Josh and Gypsy. LOL!

Westminster Abbey. Beautiful!

Quick! Into the tardis!

Big Ben.

The parliament buildings from across the Thames.

The London Eye.

Eros fountain in Piccadilly Circus.

The tower of London. He he.
In case you didn't notice, take a look at the weather in these pics. These pics are all from the same day. Gotta love it!
Well, thats London. I will post some pics of the wedding and France tomorrow!


Ana-chan said...

Good old London ei!
Man, sometimes I miss this place... u know I live for 7 yrs in the UK.. and at the same time counted some 35 days of sunshine in total... so maybe Singapore is a better option after all


karaoke queen said...

He he: Its true that its always overcast ne :)

osaka jock said...

You think london is bad? Try scotland.

karaoke queen said...

He he. Well, I might move to Nice. The sun has been shining everyday. Its hot but not humid, and the food is good. Lets see, weather, food, uhmmm yep check and check. Oh wait, where's my husband? Ah, whatever, I can find some nice french guy.