Friday, August 18, 2006

Thank goodness for friends!

So, yah! We finally got our trip booked to Nice, thanks to Rebecca T! Thankyou thankyou thankyou! It was absurdly expensive, but we will be able to go to our friends wedding. No thanks to Visa, who said they were GOING to send our credit cards to Osaka in time for us to book it there. Ahem. Anyways, tix are booked and we are ready to head out tomorrow.

Apologies to Quasar 9. I was supposed to give him a ring when we were here, but we had some problems with the cellphone - it wouldn't work. We topped up a sim card, and then waited 24 hours for it to work. It never did. We ended up buying new one today which worked right away, but the other 10 pounds we spent I think we have basically lost....

Anyways, we were gonna hit Cambridge because it is reasonably close to London, but due to no phone (unable to contact him) and no credit card (needed money for hotel etc and couldn't buy train tix) we had to give it up. To make up for it, can everyone please take a look at his site (Quasar 9) and give him some love. He has a neat site that features poetry, beautiful pics Physics and astonomy. I really like his site because sometimes you can just relax and enjoy the pics, and sometimes he has interesting things to say about space travel or philosophy. So what are you waiting for? Go check him out.

So back to our trip! We went to a ton of places today. We got ahold of Tai, and first went to the see the changing of the guard at the palace which our hotel was actually very close to. After that, we walked to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben and walked around in that area for awhile. I wanted to see Piccadilly Circus so we took a train and wandered around in that area for awhile. We also saw the Tower of London and London Bridge. I can't upload any pics right now because I'm in am internet cafe and I realised that, no, Jamie, you cannot use your Japanese phone to email pics to your computer email. Ha ha. How I forgot that one!! Anyway, we will load our pics from our regulat camera onto the laptop over the next couple of days and I'll post some of those.

For those of you in Osaka, and other places - tell me whats up with you guys??


Elaine said...

I know you've ran into a few snaggles in europe but it still sounds like a good time! Have fun in Nice!!!

Tell us all about it! and I can't wait for the pictures!

osaka jock said...

Greetings from Osaka.

The story so far...
I'm going to climb Mount Fuji in a couple of weeks after being inspired (threatened) by Jessi and Natasha. So hopefully that'll work out.

And I seem to have aquired a couple of japanese women's phone numbers while visiting Club Dunk. Result!

Well, have a great time with all those wonderfully helpful Londoners.

osakaotaku said...

So now that you have numbers, what will you do? Don't let opportunities pass.

QUASAR9 said...

Yo, glad to see you having a good time. Thanks for the message.
Maybe another time.

PS you do know the code for cambridge inside England is
01223 XXX XXX

00 44 1223 XXX XXX
(when you call from abroad)

Nevermind, now I've got an excuse to make it to Osaka. lol!

osakaotaku said...

Damn! That's why we couldn't get a hold of you. The guys at carphone warehouse were no help. Good help is hard to find these days!

karaoke queen said...

Thanks Elaine, we will definitely be having a good time! Osaka jock, good for you. Quasar, I have to say that Londoners are not that helpful. Those carphone guys only got our cellphone working after 2 days!! Grrrr. Anyways, we're having fun now!