Thursday, August 17, 2006

Europe for Dummies. Chapter One: Make good friends who are NET savvy.

So far London has been a lot of stress. No-one ever plans to fail, but we failed to plan. We showed up with no hotel and no way to get to France. We had some money. But no credit card so we couldn't get the really cheap airline tickets to France. We also found a cheap place to stay but it was kind of sketchy. We booked with a guy at a kiosk at the airport and he arranged it all. It seemed good at the time because it was 9 pounds cheaper than one that our friend Adelle had suggested. But on the sheet it said it included breakfast, and it wasn't when we got to the hotel. When we got there they explained that the last person had forgotten to give back the key and they'd get a new key made. (Later, they told me that they had good news as the former tenant was returning with the key later that day.) We also paid 5 pounds (ridiculous I know but...) for the wireless internet which comes and goes like herpes on a bad week.

We tried topping up a simcard loaned to us from Adelle, but it didn't work. The cellphone staff seemed uneducated about their products and told us to wait some more it could take HOURS... I think we topped up a wrong account.

On a good note we found Tai in town at the right subway station as we were about to give up the hunt.

But thanks to Rebecca T. we were able to get a flight to Nice on the 18th. Thanks Rebecca you rock. We'll do lunch some time. Now I'm relaxed. It's 6AM here and I should go to bed.


osaka jock said...

This is why Superman could never be set in London. He couldn't change into his costume in a phone box cause everyone would be looking!

Which airline are you using to get to Nice?

osakaotaku said...

We took EASYJET. It was kinda expensive due to late booking. Oh well. We're here now.