Friday, August 11, 2006

Friends and Kyoto

So, my friend (Karla) and her friend (Sarah), both from Canada, are visiting us here in Japan. Well, not just us, but the last few days they've been in the Kansai area. My friend Adelle (who lives here and works with my husband) also had the day off today. I didn't but was not really so busy so decided, to hell with it, I am taking today off. We decided to go to Kyoto. Aaaaah, historic Kyoto. We decided to go to this old house that had secret ninja ceilings and hidden staircases etc. Except that it was closed by the time we got there. Damn. So, change of plans, on to Kiyomizudera. Its a famous temple in Kyoto that has a waterfall that you can drink from. Its supposed to have mystic healing qualities. If you drink the water, you're supposed to be healthy for a year. Great. I can use it. I have a nasty summer cold right now. Thankyou honey for bringing that one home from work. Anyways, here are some fun pics from our adventure in Kyoto today.

Here we are, trudging up the hill to the temple.

The beautiful red entrance gates.

These are a common sight at most temples. Write a wish on on of these for a few hundred yen.

He he. These funny Japanese boys were so cute. They were surprised we could speak Japanese, and then proceeded to try and pick us up. I had to take a picture of them.

This is a picture taken by cute Japanese boys. Karla, Sarah and me. Its actually a really good pic I think! Adelle was wandering aound the area of the next picture....

Obon is coming up very shortly here in Japan. What is Obon you ask? One of the most importanat holidays here in Japan. People visit their family and various shrines to pray for their anscestors. This time period is when their anscestors can visit them here and protect them for a few days and give them good luck for the rest of the year. A monk will write one of these out for you with your anscestors name on them. Its to welcome them back. This one is for my grampa. He died a long time ago but was a very important person in my life. Not that I need to remind him that he is welcome to visit me anytime!

Here I am holding it after the monk finished writing it out :)

Here is why people go to this temple. The name translated means something like clear water. We're laughing because when I stuck the cup under the water, it sprayed all over both of us.

A cute little mini shrine building.

Me, flexing my artistic muscles. AKA goofing around on my camera. Still a pretty cool effect.

An old style building in the city.

Don't cry Karla! Just because you had to watch the other 3 of us eat while you waited for you food. He he. We're such good friends, uhmmmm yeah, your food should be here soon. I'm just gonna chow down ok?


Ana-chan said...

Kyoto is beautiful as usual.. and the beow looks like ell lot of fun!!! WOW!

karaoke queen said...

Always fun! We know alot of nice people here :)