Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back and ready for action!

So, in case you were looking at the previous post and were thinking, "Wow. Great party. Whats it for???" It was the Grand opening of Dunk downtown in Dottonbori. Here are a few more pics.
Dali and Chris.

Cleveland and Bec

Rich, me and Lou

Jessica, Hiroko and Kevin


Masa, Lorna and Sally in the middle!


Me, Marcus and Miho


Blaine and me

Lou, Masa and Heather


Elaine said...

Oh daaaahling I simply ADORE the fingerless Madonna-esque Desperately Seeking Susan gloves. Only you can pull that off.. on the other hand, I just look like I can't afford the ENTIRE glove.

Looks like a fun time!!!

QUASAR9 said...

Don't know what you do the rest of the time, but you certainly know how to party. Makes me wanna visit Osaka, just for the parties. lol!

Have a great day

karaoke queen said...

Funny story. Theme was supposed to be 80s, but apparently only 3 of us remembered (1 of us really who reminded the other 2). Other people were like - oh yeah, I heard about that but I wasn't sure if it was for sure. So there we were, rocking the gloves, and fishnets, and jean, and over the shoulder tees. Oh yeah baby!