Thursday, July 13, 2006

The view from the top and Happy Birthday Adelle!

I decided to take a day off of work last week for my friends birthday. We decided to hit the Umeda Sky Building since neither of us had been and it looks really cool from the outside. You can take an escalator all the way to the top (39th floor) and take pictures etc. It was pretty cool! We ended up spending a few hours in there browsing around and finally made it to the top.
This garden was at the very bottom of the building. They appeared to be buildin/fixing something at the time.

I thought these coloured blocks were pretty cool
Some more neato architecture.

Once we got inside the building, we went up to the 35th floor I think. The had all kinds of displys on these top floors. They had these cool models. I don't really know why they were there, but they looked neat.

This one here I couldn't get a good shot because of the light and glass. I had to take the picture throught the glass - but I really liked the ladies on the bridge. The first shot I took by holding my phone camera over top the glass.

Believe it or not, I actually took this picture through glass as well, not from the top floor. Pretty sweet view of the river and the bridges.

Then it was time to get on the big escalator up to the top!
Da daaaa! We made it! And asked some nice Japanese guys to take our picture. Unfortunately it was a bit foggy that day but the view from the top was still great.

A view of downtown Osaka.

Another cool architectural picture. This shows the escalator shafts and all the mirrored glass windows at the top.


Ookami Machiavelli said...

Okay those escalators...SCARY! Basically reinforced my great fear of heights. But that place is awesome at night, you can see the whole city all lit up and the bridges look cool also.

Elaine said...

Such pretty pictures and yeah, I have to agree that those escalators are scary! I would have needed a spare pair of pants if I went on that.

karaoke queen said...

He he. It was a long way to the top. I kinda like heights though. Beautiful view from the roof. We had to leave before it got dark though.