Sunday, July 16, 2006

Matrix Ping Pong

Oh, my God. Japanese people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. Admittedly I laughed my ass off. Thank you Japan.


QUASAR9 said...

You into the Matrix
Gaijin Girl. lol!
Have a nice evening
oops must be past midnight in Osaka

Ookami Machiavelli said...

Ah this is a classic! One of my favs.

Elaine said...

It's official.

I'm moving to Japan.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Cevanne, Thanks for your comment.
So you think we the present generation, represent immortality for past generations, and future generations ensure our immortality. Genetically speaking that would be a 'fact' or truism.
However I do not quite think of myself as the body, no more than I think I am hardwired into my car or the hardrive on the computer.
Rather I view myself as the driver (or operator) of the vehicle: computer, car or human body.
The question remaining to explore, is whether we are re-incarnated with evident loss of memory of past life, having to adjust to our new beings, in whatever (animate) shape or form, or whether we are resurrected as fully conscious beings.
hmmm - all info in the DNA is an interesting and contested concept. Children born to somebody in their 20's do not acquire genetic information of the parents' future or later life, that is achievements after the birth of the child. They are wholly acquired through upbringing (social, cultutal, political, religious) and environmental experience - of course these becoming less evident or specific, in the age of global travel, and cosmopolitan living. Thanks again for prompting these evolutions cum convolutions cum revolutions of the Mind & thoughts.
Q | 07.16.06 - 3:43 am | #

Cevanne, I may do a post on this later, would it be ok to use your comment as the introduction or lead paragraph?

karaoke queen said...

Feel free! I posted on your public space so its your to use as you see fit. Of course credit is always welcome as well :)

QUASAR9 said...

Thanks! Of course
Credit, where credit is due.