Monday, May 29, 2006

Ryoukos Birthday!

So, it was our friends birthday this last week and as per usual we decided to:

1. Find someplace to get drunk
2. Get really drunk
3. Sing some karaoke
4. Sing some karaoke while really drunk
5. In general behave like idiots

All steps were completely successfully - thankyou no applause. Here is the proof.

This is Ryouko. Say hi to mom! She is solidly working on step 2.

This is Ryoukos brother. We can see that is has decided to skip the first few steps and go directly to step 5.

Ikuyo and Daniel. Daniel seems to be enjoying his drink alot.

Steve and Rich. Both of them look surprised - I wonder why???

Noayuki and Rebecca. Naoyuki does a great 'Rinda rinda!'. I have video to prove it!

Claire and Kevin - the first to move onto step 3! I think Claire must be contemplating her next song.

Me and Ryouko on step 4. Yaaaaah J-pop!

Ahhh the aftermath. Sorry if your picture didn't get posted but gosh darn it, we were doing such a good job at completing our steps that we just forgot to take your picture!


Mr. Fabulous said...

If you can get over here by Thursday evening we're headed to the big room at the Korean BBQ in town...

karaoke queen said...

Sounds great but unfortunately I think I have another engagement in another time zone. But hey, if you feel like some sushi, you can pop into my place for a nibble after the party :)