Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The reason you go to Kyoto

One of the things I LOVE about Japan is the culture. The old culture of Japan. Temples and monks in the mountains, Japanese art and of course another kind of Japanese art - the kimono. It really is an artform here. People take classes to study it, how to to wear it, how to make them. There are many different kinds of kimono and there is a proper time and place to wear each of them. We went to Kyoto with a friend and her mom who was visiting Japan. It was raining quite a bit and everyone was carrying their umbrellas as they were exploring the various temples in Kyoto. It was just a usual visit until we saw these young girls coming down the stairs in their kimono and lacquered umbrellas in the misty rain. It took my breath away. I hope it takes yours away too.


Elaine said...

Oh wow. That is so beautiful, it looks like you went back in time. I totally agree with you about the beauty of the old culture of Japan. You're so lucky to be there! but thanks for the pictures...I'm living vicariously through you. :D

karaoke queen said...

One of the reasons that I have this blog is to share my experiences with others. I have seen so many things here that you just can't explain in words. I wish people could come for themselves to see, but sometimes a picture is all we have. I really felt like you said, that I had gone back to some other time and place. I definitely felt like I was getting a peek of something special!