Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rolling, rolling, rolling - in the back of a truck.

Moving here in Japan is an experience. Part of my job here as a real estate agent is to try and help my foreign clients get their stuff into their new digs. There is no 'U-Haul' or such equivalent here in Japan. Either you pay some company alot of money to move your stuff or you know someone with a truck. We figured out a great way to move things here. There is this certain store similar to a Revy or Home Dept that will let you use a truck for an hour if you buy something that you can't carry easily home. So, buy something 'awkward looking' and ask for a truck. Then you can pick up your other items that you need to move and TADA! You have a free truck - or a very cheap truck. Depends how much you spent on your awkward item. Here was a recent experience. Me, Tash and Oohira (he works with me) went and picked up a couch to move into Tash's new place. (Which by the way was really heavy and awkward and the person from whom we were liberating the couch did not seem very happy or helpful about it either) Here are some pics so that you can be right there with us!

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