Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do you have the "FINE YOUNG CARNIVAL" CD?

I had wondered why teaching English was a popular job in countries like Japan. Now I can see why. Someone must have tried to sound out the name and thought carnival was the closest match, but if you have seen some of the band names in Japan then you'd know why this doesn't look strange at all. Besides, us English speakers make no sense half the time anyway.

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Elaine said...

HAHAHAHA! I think I like Fine Young Carnival better anyways....

(I'm like comment vomiting over your blog...gotta catch up you know..)

Anonymous said...


I was googleing a band called "fine young carnivals" which I used to listen to in my high school days. And I came across your blog, and I found out that the band actually was called "fine young cannibals"!!

By the way I am a Japanese woman in mid 30's.