Saturday, May 13, 2006

Miyako Odori

One of the coolest things we did recently was go to Kyoto to see the Maiko dance. Maiko are geisha in training and there aren't that many of them left anymore. Once a year they perform for the public in Kyoto. It was an amazing show. We paid a little bit extra to be able to do tea ceremony as well. As an added bonus, we got to hang in the garden behind the building before the performance and we got to keep the plate from the tea ceremony. The first few pics are the garden. The show also coincides with cherry blossom season.

Next is a pic from the tea ceremony and some from the show.

Afterwards, we walked to Yasaka shrine for some eats and drinks in the park.


Anonymous said...

Coolness and stuff

powdersnow said...

Hi, I've come!
Great pics of sakura and the show...that's the Japanese! I missed Ohanami this time, I envy you^w^