Friday, May 12, 2006

Japanese friends we met in Canada....

Just before we came to Japan, I was volunteering at the University trying to get some teaching experience for my ESL Certification. I met alot of really great people that very coincidentally lived in the same area that I would be soon living in. Here are their pics and a little info about them!

1st is Chieko - Now she is a student in Kyoto. Really outgoing and fun to go dancing with - just ask her about the one night we went to a nightclub in Canada!

2nd is Yoko - Yoko is a nurse. Go Yoko! When she was in Canada, she actually took a trip up North, very very very far North, to see the Northern lights. In the winter. She is much braver than I am!

3rd is Masami - She plays piano. It was nice meeting someone has the same interest in music as I do. Masami is a bit shy, but worth getting to know.

4th is Taisuke - He wasn't a university student. He came over with Nova. He stayed at my husbands families house while in Canada. He lives in Kobe.

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