Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Its art!!

Aaaah the things we do when we are bored. I went out for lunch with Jessica and Brett yesterday. Well, actually it was more like linner or dunch or some kind of afternoon meal that has no proper name. Anyways! We decided to go to this cute little restaurant in Hi Hi Town in Uehonmachi. On a side note, the waitress spoke really good English which made me wonder why she was working in a lunch restaurant. So, Bretts meal came with an egg of some kind of small bird - definitely not a chicken as it was brown and mottled and very small. It looked like a quail egg. After dumping the contents into the correct spot for consumption with his yummy looking noodles, Brett was left with an egg shell, some toothpicks and a couple of friends looking for some entertainment. Here is the result.


Ookami Machiavelli said...

That picture is beautiful, gracious and deserving of complete coverage on page 86 of Reader's Digest!

Haha, great times with food remnants.

Anonymous said...

Haha great pic