Monday, May 15, 2006

I need my beauty sleep

I realised that the older I get, the more important a good nights sleep has become. I'm a bit of an insomniac as it is, so getting to sleep can be difficult for me and I easily awaken. And I'm not one of those people who is nice when they are suffering from lack of sleep. I'm cranky and bitchy and just want to hurt things. Here is the point of this blog - the only thing I don't like about my job is that people call me all the time on my phone. Even on my day off it's hard to escape 'work'. Today was really rough for me. I usually take Sunday and Monday off as they are the same days that my husband has off. Saturday night, we went out for a birthday party downtown. Richard took the last train back home, but I had to stick around downtown for my Saturday night job. One night a week I work at a bar. The next morning, we met someone we hadn't seen in a long time - see previous post 'visitors'. Richard was short on sleep and he was home by midnight. I was knackered! But we had to be up for partying again because it was someones sayounara the next night. I figured it would be OK as I wasn't working the next day. *slightly crazy laughter* So again, all night partying!!! Richard actually fell asleep at one point at the party, and I felt like it but didn't. I had caught my second wind by 4AM and didn't make it to sleep until about 630 this morning. Here is where the bad part of my job comes in. I got a phone call from work at 930AM. That was just the beginning - in the next 6 hours, I got 4 phone calls and 6 emails. My phone was happily ringing Jpop and anime tunes all morning. I tried to ignore it, but I just couldn't. When the work number pops up, I answer like a good capricorn. *grumble grumble* I decided it would just be easier if I went into work and then at least my phone would stop ringing. *Note to self - remind clients (and other staff) what days are my days off. And remind them not to call me unless a) some apartment is burning down or some other apartment emergency of equal importance b) someone has died c) well, I can't think of anything else really. My friends know I sleep in the morning and not to call me before noon unless I'm at work, its already arranged, or they think I will really be interested in whatever they want to talk to me about. Now if I can only train my clients.....

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