Thursday, January 01, 2009

And the prize goes to...

Osaka Jock here.

There's a free monthly magazine in Kansai called Japanzine. Every year they have a photo competition to encourage amateur photographers to submit their works for all the world to see and judge. 

It seems that one of mine was chosen to be in the January issue. Yeah! I'm a little surprised by this, as everyone else's seem so beautiful and of a much higher quality than mine. I guess it just comes down to personal taste...

Here are a small selection of the pictures I submitted. Enjoy, and please leave a comment about them if you have time. 

The one with all the statues is my favourite. Someone spent hours knitting hundreds of hats and scarves for all them. When you consider that these statues are for the souls of dead children, it does seem a little creepy.

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karaoke queen said...

Congrats - I love the pic! A couple of mine got in last year :)