Sunday, December 30, 2007


So we made our flight into Phuket - which was a bit ghetto (we flew Asian Airlines) as they forgot to give us our immigration forms on the plane. We landed and were trying to go through and the immigration guys were clearly irritated with our whole flight. They kept telling us we should have gotten then on the flight - to which we replied that we knew that but they didn't give them to us. Please give us one now. Eventually everything was sorted, but we were on a tight schedule. Our hostel was only going to hold our room for us until 11ish and we were rapidly approaching the critical hour. We managed to get a cab into the city and made it to the 7/11 to make our call to them and *PHEW* we made it! Our room was really nice and clean and had a big balcony to chill out on. We decided to go to the beach the next day and just chill. We saw there was a Thai Boxing match that night (which was Christmas Day - Merry Xmas!) and bought tickets for that evening as well. We watched some great matches and went to bed - preparing for our snorkelling trip the next day.

We were picked up super early the next morning and taxied to a boat that took us out to Ko Phi Phi - an island famous for being beautiful and having great snorkelling. It was a little touristy, but the trip was great. Rich chickened out a little and couldn't go snorkelling - he tried!!! But he couldn't stay in the water for very long. After some lunch and chilling on the other side of the island, we met an Indian couple that were very nice. We ended up taking a video for them and exchanging emails! After that, we took our boat back to Phuket and just relaxed for the night. The next day we had an early start - we were taking a bus/boat ride in to Ko Pha Ngan......


Yo Momma said...

Besides the whole airport debacle, it sounds like you're having a great time!!!

post them pictures soon k?

Have a wonderful new year!

karaoke queen said...

If you have facebook, I've been loading them up there cause its faster (and easier) than blogger. I can load up to 60 pictures at once :D Check me out there!!! I'm under Jamie Thomas and my profile pic is me with an elephant. My network is in Japan.