Saturday, October 20, 2007

My new kids!

Are sooooooooo cute. I've been teaching them since the beginning of this month. We were prepping them for Halloween - showing them some costumes etc so they don't freak out at the Halloween party.

Sorry guys! Had to remove pics due to company policies!


Ana-chan said...

hehehe haloween and kids trick or treat!!
nice to hear that you're enjoying your job.. at least someone I know is !!!

D. said...

At least they let you take them, though. I taught at a school that wouldn't even let you take them unless you got their parents' permission!

karaoke queen said...

Yes, the job is fun!

Hmmm, yes I suppose that is good.

Elaine said...

boo I missed the pictures but I hope the kids had a great time! And how lucky are you.. you get to go to a job where there are little cute people!