Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catching up Part III

As KQ's handle implies, she loves Karaoke. So when Scottish, as opposed to English (Lou), Louise's mum came for a visit we hit Obou in Kita for a night of singing. We chose to get the all night all you can drink soft drink (mixer) package. The gin and vodka in our bags were well appreciated by all.

Soon after we attended Dawn's Sayounara. We started at Slices for some pizza and then we headed to Cream bar for drinks and karaoke. We had to write the songs on slips of paper! How old school.

After partying with a lot of people, it was nice to relax at an intimate get together. This was a good way to describe Marina and Stephen's sayounara. We went to a place in Shinsaibashi for some great Italian food.

You'd think with everyone leaving that our circle of friends is shrinking. So we made some new friends. There was fresh blood and we broke them in with some Karaoke. We went out to Rainbow Karaoke with the newbies. They loved the drinking and singing.

Damn! So many people coming and going so what is one to do? Well, some friends of ours decided to have a party! We made our way to the Apaato party at Lou and Heather's place. There was a cake made for them and there were two rooms, one for some innocent fun while the other was reserved for naughty fun.

To break up the monotony of partying we decided to do some good old sightseeing. Originally it was a hike for me and Adelle, but Jamie really wanted to come to Fushimi Inari. Ikuyo came along as well and we had a great time even though it was hot.

After we hiked around Fushimi Inari we had plans to meet someone. Someone Jamie met through Facebook. That's how we ended up meeting Erika. Ikuyo came along for the All-you-can-eat shabu shabu (hotpot). It was easy to see that Ikuyo and Erika seemed to hit it off.

Once we had a day or two of rest we had a July BBQ on our rooftop. Usually we invite lots of people but this night was a smaller affair since people had to work and such. Some people wanted more notice. In any case we had the BBQ and finished it off with some marshmallows over the coals.

The BBQ was at the beginning of the week. To end the week I ended up meeting Jamie's co-workers. KQ works for an international preschool so I got to meet some of the people she'll hang out with. We went for drinks downtown and ended the night with Karaoke. Yes, again... we can never get enough!

Another week went by and we had another awesome weekend. This time we attended the Shin-Imamiya Party. The hosts were Steph, Mala, and Te Rae. They had so many people crowd into their apartment and the AC failed. No-one minded as it went into the morning. In fact Steph, KQ and I went for breakfast that morning.

Well, after breakfast, instead of sleeping, the three of us decided to go to Isonoura beach. We tried to convince others but they like their sleep. The girls rode the waves on some rented body boards and hung out in the sun. This was how KQ got burned so badly.

So now you know the hardship we've been through :)


Ookami Machiavelli said...

IT's the old place!!! Did Lou yank the flooring up or what? How did you fit 19 people in there?!!!

karaoke queen said...

It was a challenge.

Ana-chan said...

gosh..!! Are these pics great or what!! I am jealous!Haven't taken my camera on days/nights out in ages. Gotta be done!!!