Friday, March 09, 2007

Hong Kong Update

Currently, I am blogging from an internet cafe in Hong Kong at 1AM. Holy cthings I've crap, its been a really busy 4 days!! We head back to Osaka tomorrow - but before we fly out at 3PM, we're still hoping to hit another temple and see the big outdoor buddha. I think I'm just going to sleep for a week when I get back home. The trip has been fantastic! I've had a great time and bought lots of souvenirs for people.

List of things I've done so far:

Navigated our way to the hostel avoiding the plague of guys outside who want to 1) sell you something (fake bags/watches/massages) or 2) send you to whatever hostel they represent regardless of the fact that you have a reservation somewhere else

Get a little ripped off by the hostel, but really only by $5 a night so who cares.

See the AWESOME city skyline. We walked down to the waters edge past some cool ass buildings and walked along the promenade and saw the light show that involves buildings across the bay.

Eat some fantastic Hong Kong food. All over. Various prices, various styles, but all good.

Do some shopping at the night market.

See some landmark buildings on Hong Kong Island.

Use the very clean and very efficient MTR system here in the city.

Go to Hong Kong Disneyland!! Yah! Its the smallest one they have (still under construction) but its still the magic kingdom.

See 1000 buddhas. Really, there is 1000. And a really cool ass temple.

Buy some really cheap, and some not so cheap souvenirs. Temple prices are always inflated.

Get harassed every day by the SAME guys standing outside the hostel. Again and again. "I have cheap bag!"

Speaking of bags, buy a D & G bag for a ridiculously cheap price.

Avoid getting my socks wet in the bathroom - the shower and toilet are in the same room. On the plus side, its private. There is Mickey Mouse on the half see through doors. Perhaps this is what triggered the Disneyland Trip. Is my hostel in cahoots with Disney???

Find this internet cafe where the guy who runs it is half Japanese. Talk about weird. Nice guy!! And meet a random Dutch guy who I'll probably keep in touch with. He seems nice.


Have a generally fantastic time!!

Whew. Thats all I can manage. I need to hit the hay! I also took about a million pictures (had to buy a memory card) so I be posting those eventually too.

Have a good night everyone!


Lakeic said...

Cool I'm still jealous :) Is the D & G bag real?

I want to visit all the disney franchises in the world :) Next time you and Richie will have to go to Eurodisney :)onext57

osaka jock said...

I really want to see these pictures of yours.

I'm going to post quite a few myself in the next couple of days.

Give us a call when you're back and had time to relax.

karaoke queen said...

The bag COULD be real (fell off a truck kind) or it could be a really good imitation. It is quite a high quality bag if it is a fake. I'll take a picture of it for you and post it with the rest of the Hong Kong pics.

And yes Jock, there will be pictures. Many, many pictures.

karaoke queen said...

AND Euro Disneyland is the only one I haven't been to :D Hehe. Oh, and Disney world in Florida. I love me some Disney!

Are you going to go when you are in Tokyo?? There is Disney Sea there as well - right next door.

Lakeic said...

Nadine and I are definitely going to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. It's interesting because she's been to Disneyland and I've been to Disney World :) We're also planning to go to Universal Studios in Osaka because you can't visit the disney franchise without seeing the u.studios one :)

I love "off the truck" bags :) I can't wait to see the photo.

karaoke queen said...

Make sure you plan to go in the morning on a weekday - a Tuesday or Wednesday - they are the quietest days - and the students don't show up until afternoon.

Let me know when you want to hit USJ so I can go with you (need to book the time off) I love themeparks!