Monday, March 12, 2007

Hong Kong Day 2

So Day 2. After not alot of sleep - I am sleeping alone for the first time in a looooong time and obviously this makes it a little difficult for snoozing - we head down to see the waterfront during the day. There are plans to go and see some of the more famous famous buildings in the city as Rachel (my travelling partner in crime) is obsessed with them. Here are some daytime shots of the promenade area.

We took the famous Star Ferry across to the Hong Kong Island side. Apparently there was some controversy recently over this. They built a new dock and people were quite upset about the destruction of the old one. It was a quick ride to the other side. Then we went to the IFC2 (International Finance Centre) which is the tallest building in Hong Kong.

There was quite a view from the top. All of these clustered buildings are apartments. Apparently, about 80% of the population lives in this one condensed area.

Then we walked around to see some more interesting buildings.

We decide to take a bus up to Victoria Peak. Its the highest point in Hong Kong where you can get a great view of the city. Its about a 45 minute bus ride to get all the way to the top. We enter one of the peak buildings to find.....

Yep, its an EA. I took these pics for Timmie. We went up to the viewing deck to find an amazing view of the city. Again, it was amazing how condensed the apartments are. Crazy!

We went back in and did a little browsing and found Bruce again. Turns out theres a Madame Tussauds.

We were waiting for nightfall. To see this....

What a great view! We decided to grab a bite to eat at a place where we could continue to enjoy the night lights. There were several nice restaurants with a city view.

It was a little pricy but soooo worth it. The food was fantastic! And that was one helluva martini. We took a special tram back to Central. I kid you not, we sat at a 45 degree angle going down the hill and the floor was curved in half circles at every seat to accomodate people standing - to help them from falling over. We walked past some familiar sites that now looked completely new in the dark!

And we saw a cool boat in the water.

Then it was back to our ghetto looking hostel (which as you can see has a much nicer - if very tiny - interior) and headed to bed.

From some reason we dreamt of magic castles and talking dogs.....I wonder why?

To be continued.....


Charles said...

But did you dream of electric sheep?

Ryan said...

Wow some more stunning pictures!
That architecture is really amazing.
Makes little old Victoria look like the stone age.

karaoke queen said...

Sadly, no electric sheep. In my next post you will see why!

Yeah, I have to admit the architecture is pretty cool. I did take a few pics myself of the cool buildings. My friend is really over the top with them :) I stayed at the hostel a couple times she went out cause I was like - OK, I'm done with the buildings.

hombre said...

hello. you did mention about the 'hostel'? may i ask more info where is it located? i am visiting hk this end of mar and maybe if the place really offers cheap accomodations i am booking myself a room. how much is it? big thanks in advance.

karaoke queen said...

We paid around $25US a night each for a twin room for 2. New Kowloon Hostel. We booked it through Yahoo travel that forwarded us to Be prepared to pay a little extra at the hostel for the 'good rooms'. Our online booking was for 1100 HKD, but we paid an extra 400 or so at the hostel for the room with the window. Still cheap as hell.

Bec said...

Looks like you had a great time! Have you been to Taiwan at all? I've got two nights there on the way to Seattle, and no idea what's there!

Oh, btw, cheers for the add to the listing of "Other Peeps Worth Reading"!

B xo

Elaine said...

amazing. Thank you so much for posting so many pictures because you know I live vicariously through you with all your travels. LUCKY! Those condensed apartment buildings are a trip!

Can't wait to see more?

Hopefully you'll dream of Hip Hop Ninja cats next time around..... :P

timmie said...

Nice, EA Japan! They made SimCity DS there (which looks awesome, btw) :)