Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hong Kong Day 1

So we landed in Hong Kong Airport and decided to take a bus into the city as it was less than half the price and seemed to take about the same amount of time as the train.

The ride was about 45 minutes. We saw some interesting stuff along the way...

Yes, there is Yoshinoya in China! So after we got into the city, we checked into our hostel (got a little ripped off) and dropped our stuff off. The first thing we decided to do was, of course, start eating some of that famous Hong Kong food! So we found a restaurant with some very interesting menu choices.

Mmmmm, snaily sea creature thingy. Actually we just went for some dimsum but seriously there was some weird stuff displayed in the tank.

By the time we finished eating, it was getting dark outside. Since our hostel was so ridiculously close to the water, we decided to take a walk down to the shore to get some pics of the famous skyline. Wow!

I was going to load a video of the cool ass light show that they do everynight that involves all the buildings across the water on Hong Kong Island, except that I seem to be having some compatibility problems with youtube and blogger right now AND youtube is being a bitch right now and not letting me upload the video at all.......grr....... I'll add a link when everything is working again.

Now this promenade is also famous because its the avenue of stars. Its like China's Hollywood. There are stars and handprints in the cement and a few other touristy things along the promenade.

Woo hoo! Bruce Lee! We were still feeling energetic and took a walk to the night market at the next station. We passed a 24 hour McDonalds and we couldn't resist popping in for some french fries.

Check it out - a McDonalds meal is like $25. HKD of course are not worth much :D

We finally made it to the night market! It was a sea of stuff in makeshift tents. It goes up and down every night. There was touristy stuff and not so touristy stuff. Copy bags and watches and sunglasses, small silk purses, electronics and other stuff. A plethora of purchasing! And of course nothing is the price it says. Part of the experience is haggling with the vendor to get the best price possible. I ended up buying a D&G Bag in a very nice green leather for about $40 Canadian. Yah!

Then we headed down the street and found a section of restaurants open quite late offering yummy treats! They had live seafood that was literally asphixiating in front of us on a table. Obviously we were intrigued and were enticed into one of the places for a $10 beer and some snacks.

When we finished eating we realised it was after midnight! Time for bed. We headed back to the hostel and went to sleep.....


deniz said...

Hello. Nice photos.
Hong Kong is very interesting city.
I am from Turkey :)

Ryan said...

Wow! HK looks awesome!
Superb pix!

karaoke queen said...

Thanks guys! HK was pretty cool - and I think I did end up with some pretty good pics.