Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm a member of a group known as Fight Club. No, we don't feel the need to punch each other senseless, but using swords...that's a different story. One day, Jessi came up with the idea to travel somewhere new, so off we went to Hiroshima and Miyajima for some new adventures.

Look, I know it's pronounced AHSE, but that still didn't stop the jokes coming thick and fast.
Going into the ASS. Eating out of the ASS. Entering the ASS store. Etc...

I'd like to introduce Mr Conehead: "We come from France."
Hello Kitty seems to work in many locations throughout Japan. I hope the pay's worth it.

Spank! Behold, the world's biggest paddle. That'll leave a red mark.

And here it is, an icon that defines this World Heritage site; the giant red torii. It's much bigger than it looks. A hell of a lot bigger!

Now let's play a new game:Autobot or Decepticon?

Man versus wild beast!
Anpaman lies on the path to salvation. Especially on the way to a Temple.

And here's the Torii with the tide out. Notice the 2 people on the bottom right corner; you'll get an idea of the size!

I guess he liked the salty taste...

Welcome to the school for the study of ESP. I guess you have to be able to read Japanese to get the joke...

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karaoke queen said...

Mmmmmm trees. I like the really scratchy ones.

Anpanman is pretty cute. Have you ever seen the show? Although the concept of a superhero made of a sweetbean bun is a little ...uh... odd.