Monday, February 19, 2007

Chilli Night at Sarah's

Real Texas Chilli. With a real Texan. Then some real karaoke and drinking!

Fun Fun!


Ryan said...

You know you've been reading someones blog for too long when:

1. You recognize people you've never met but have seen in other pictures.
2. You actually remember their names.
3. You wonder how they are doing and if that thing that happened worked out alright.


Mr. Fabulous said...

You damn kids with your party party party attitude! LOL

I am so jealous!

karaoke queen said...

Hehe. That IS pretty damn funny! We are a pretty picture heavy blog though. So I'm sure its easier to recognise our friends compared to say - Bob Doles blog :)

Yes, gosh darn us. Having a good time all the time. I think we need to see some more crying on this blog!! LOL You and Mrs Fab should hit good old Osaka. We'll show you a good time!