Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where's my flux capacitor?

2007/01/11 17:55h

We left Osaka on the plane! The flight was okay, but the AC plane was so ghetto compared to the airlines we have used for our travels over the years. Malaysian Air was nice, JAL, and Qatar have been nice with modern options like video on demand to all passengers.

2007/01/12 ??:??h

We have arrived in Vancouver. Where's Bretto? Has he failed us? Damn him! He's not picking up. And then we realized after asking some people that today was not the 12th as we expected. We told Bretto to meet us on the wrong day! Luckily Uncle Rick was able to pick us up. THANKS UNCLE RICK!

2007/01/11 10:40h

Now we are waiting for Rick to come by. We decided to eat some Burger King while we wait. Wow! The Whopper looks huge! The Sprite tastes so sweet as well. I guess I'm too used to Mitsuya Cider.

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karaoke queen said...

Yes, we travelled back in time. We actually gained 7 hours. It was weird.