Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Smooth moves.

Into our new place and the new Year! Are great when you have them, and not so great when you don't. Lets start with our move into the new place. Our prep was good. We had everything packed and ready to go. And then we waited.....for the moving guy to show up. He was a little late, which was OK, none of us were in a particular hurry to start lugging things around and he wasn't THAT late. Just 45 minutes. And it began. Actually, we got everything into the truck in one try, and did it fairly quickly - about 1.5 hours. Pretty good. That's when the trouble began. Apparently, our driver lost his keys to his truck. We looked around for them everywhere. We asked the neighbours for a hanger to open the window as he thought he locked them inside. No one had a hanger. So he called the equivalent of BCAA to open his truck. No keys inside. So where were they? We went to the police box to see if anyone reported them missing....nothing. SO the only alternative was to get his spare set of keys which were.....guess where! Kyoto!!! So back he went to Kyoto to get his keys. By the time he got back to Osaka and drove the truck to our new place, it was 930PM. And cold as hell!! Then the hard part began. Lifting all these items up 3 flights of stairs. Surprisingly, we also did this in 1.5 hours which was insanely fast. I guess everyone really just wanted to go home. There was one item left. It wouldn't fit up the stairs. The bed. What to do? The moving guy suggested we lift it through the window. Keep in mind we were 3 flights up. So after some rope, avoiding some power lines, and police patrols, and 4 burly men pulling for their lives, we managed to get the bed into our apartment. Oh...MY...GOD!! Next time we move, there will be a fire....uh...sale.

Move number 2. The new year. So, I got to be a k-1 girl this year for new years eve. Sounds cool eh? Well, it would have been, if they hadn't not given us a break for 6 hours (after showing up at 7AM with no breakfast at Osaka Dome) with no food or even a glass of water. And the director kept changing his mind as to what we were to do. So we would kinda learn a routine, then he would talk to the choreographer and be like, 'sorry, you need to change this'. We could barely remember anything as we were starving and cold in the strapless dresses they had us in. Lets just say the organization at the event was a little lacking. We finally got to eat something at about 130PM - with the show starting at 3, and we still had to do our hair and makeup. So we scarfed down our bento boxes while applying make-up and trying to style our hair up. Fun fun. The show itself went well. Hardly any mistakes and not so surprisingly, we could remember our moves better after eating something. The fighters were cool, I got to introduce Akebono, the famous Hawaiian sumo wrestler who smiled when I told him to do his best. And I made a couple of friends as we shared our thoughts on the lack of snacks for the models. We finished around 9PM. So the evening wasn't a total loss. I took a couple of extra bento boxes And made it home in time to eat and snuggle together with my honey (osakaotaku) into the new year. Although I fell asleep before it started :) So Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Next post will be the winners of the comment contest! So stay tuned......


James Nicholas Morrison said...


Sounds like your move was rather hair-raising...at best!

And the ordeal at the Osaka dome sounds almost as crazy - although, as they say: "that's show business"...


Ryan said...

Wow! You got to meet Akebono! I'm so jelous!