Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jet lagged

This is how I feel.


So wow. What a trip. We had a pretty good time when back in Canada. We got to visit our friends in Vancouver and then made it out to the Okanagan to see the family. It wasn't as cold as we thought it was going to be (thankyou weather gods!) and we even got a ride out there with friends. My family was even pretty OK on this trip - a little bit of drama but mostly OK. All in all a pretty good trip. Not a vacation by any means! But a good trip. I do have pictures to post, but they will have to wait until YahooBB comes in February to post I think...unless I can get some time in at the office to upload them. Hmmm, thats an idea.

So we're back and soooo jetlagged. Both Rich and I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Last night I managed to get back to sleep at about 5AM but I'm struggling with the time change. Oh well, in about a week I'll be back to normal.

Details from trip....later! If you want to read about some of the details (no pics yet) check out Osaka Otaku's blog. He has been much more diligent than I with the posting.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a pretty good trip and got back safely! Still wish I could have gotten over to Vancouver to see you though... :(

Bec said...

Welcome... ah... home?

karaoke queen said...

Its all good! No worries. We'll catch you on our next trip for sure. could pop out this way :D Lots of room at my place!

Thanks Bec! Hehe.

Ana-chan said...

:) welcome back!!

and it's never a vacation when you're going back home to see family and friends.. always stress and pleasure coupled!!

Ryan said...

Glad you guys had a good trip! Sorry I didn't make it over to Van to hook up with you guys. Good luck with the jet lag...its teh suk so go easy on yourself!

powdersnow said...


I spent 10days in Burnaby during my winter holiday! that was my first time to visit Canada. I've truly come to like Canada, it was freezing there though. Everybody said that I brought the snow and coldness from Sapporo ^w^
Ahhhhh, I really want to go to Canada again, in a pleasant season!

OsakaOtaku said...

If you visit Canada again, try visiting the Okanagan. If you get a International driver's license you can land in Kelowna airport, rent a car and drive around the Okanagan and stay at a few different cities in the area. This would be a classic road trip, which is a very North American thing to do.